Character Generation

This is a home campaign I hope to complie into a full blown Campaign Setting in a year or so. We have played in many campaigns over the last 15 years, all of them short lived. My hope is that with the rich details I plan to put into this world that Leystra will live on in my household for decades to come!

Each time we have ended a campaign and started a new one, we always seem to start at level one again. This will not be the case in the campaign setting. I am allowing my PCs to create chaaracters of the same level as our old 3.5 campaign. With this in mind, the PCs will be starting at 6th level. This should be fun as it is half way to Paragon level and I think the players are all looking forward to seeing what the higher level monsters of D&D look like.

We play every other Saturday and our next schduled game will be 9/20/08.

I will keep a detailed adventure log for my PCs and the fans of this campaign setting.

DM Ed Horne


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