Adventure 001: A New Begining

Bathing in the Poo Water!

Our first session is in the books. A quick recap of the night:

A bulk of the evening was spent on character generation, yawn I know. But after some work, myself, Tom, Bill, Chad, Linda, Logan, and Gabe all polished off our characters and began the journey to Roma on a crowded transport ship. After getting to know each other a bit, we decided to take in the open air of the sea on the main deck.

Suddenly, the ship was attacked by 4 Sahuagin who were intent on killing the innocent passengers of the sailing vessel. Tom (insert Character names) was brave enough to push one of the foul beasts over board, only to have it return two rounds later. The party was victorious, and the ship had some fishy tasting meals over the next two days.

Upon arrival to the great city of Roma, the party checked in with the local magistrate to ‘register’ as active adventures. They took a job in search of a lost child. It turned out the child was drug into the city’s sewers systems by a hive of giant ants. Many of the members of the party was dunked into the putrid waters in attempts to drown out their lives. The party eliminated the hive, however, but were unable to save the child, who was found just down stream. The boy’s body was returned to his parents for a proper burial.

What adventure will come on a full night of gaming? Just wait and see!



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